I’m Carter, a scrawny kid who grew up in the faded Kodak hues of the 1970’s with bowl cut hair, cheap denim jeans and Velcro sneakers.  Inept at the conventional sports of basketball, baseball and football I stumbled into the world of BMX and skateboarding, which opened up a realm of possibility and individual expression.  Through the vivid photos of skater magazines like Thrasher and Transworld, the interest in photography was sparked and I was hooked on capturing life in still and movement. 

Entering into college and grad-school, I explored the terrains of my world through spirituality and travel seeing a convergence of image and idea.  Understanding that art is not an exact representation of life but rather a response to it, I began peering through the lenses of others.  What I have found on my journey is that though the world is painful at times, it is still beautiful and worthy of love.

Saying that, MC Photography seeks to the capture the interplay of these moments by focusing on lifestyle, nature, travel and landscape.  Alternating between color and monochromatic images, MC Photography immerses an audience in the rich textures of life through place and perspective in hope of eliciting new experiences of joy, beauty and meaning.